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Music Outreach Society is a youth non-profit organization that was founded by local Point Grey Secondary students in Vancouver, Canada. The purpose of Music  Outreach is to link the community through music and provide support for emerging  youth musicians. On a completely volunteer basis, young musicians are given the  chance to share their passion for music in our local community. Performances  range from full Jazz Combos to incredible solo singing. Different groups have performed at Louis Brier Home and Hospital, Southview Terrace and at Sunny Hill Children’s Hospital. Aside from our MOS members, Music Outreach is always on the look out for passionate musicians and youths to be a part of our MOS concerts as well as our management and technology crew!



  1. To bring the community together through the act of sharing music with others. As we all know, music is a language that everybody understands! MOS is also a place for musicians to network with each other and to build long lasting connections as well as friendships.

  2. To raise money to help support music therapy and children who are unable to afford instruments/lessons.

  3. To provide MOS performers and members with performing opportunities as well as the chance to build up confidence in their music performance.





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Ishaan Modi is currently a grade 11 student at St. George’s School and is honoured to be the president for MOS. From organising events to recruiting performers, Ishaan looks forward to helping MOS grow as an organisation. Ishaan has developed a passion for music ever since he took up the Piano at the age of 4. Since then, his interest in music has continued to grow and he now also plays the French Horn, Trumpet, Flugel and occasionally dabbles with the drum kit. He plays in multiple music bands at school including the Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Wind Ensemble and he also plays in the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra. Apart from music, Ishaan enjoys organising fundraisers and events for his school. He believes in the universal beauty and joy of music. He also believes in the immensely talented musicians at his school. He looks forward to bringing this talent to MOS. Together they would all help spread this music to the greater community.


School Head

Sky Qiu is a current grade 12 student at Point Grey Secondary. She started to play the piano since grade one and self-learned to play the cello at the age of 15. Playing in the Point Grey Senior Strings and the jazz ensemble, Sky truly enjoys the harmonic melody and is often amazed by the inclusive happiness music can bring. She would love to promote such happiness among her community by joining MOS; and she is more than willing to provide musicians of all levels with the opportunities to share their passion for music.



School Head

Renee Qin is a highly-driven high school student, dedicated to community service and currently an active member of the Youth Advisory Committee in her community. Passionate about harp, Renee is classically trained with piano since the age of four, and learned Chinese Traditional Harp - Konghou by the age of nine, and later learned Flute and Harp. She is currently principal Harpist in Vancouver Symphony Youth Orchestra and Lions Gate Youth Orchestra. Renee is a strong believer that music should serve a purpose to the community and can positively change people's lives. She is hoping to bring music into more people's lives through MOS.


School Head

Cindy Cui is a grade 10 student at Fleetwood Park Secondary and is extremely honoured to be the new school head of the Music Outreach Society at her school. At the age of 6 she started playing the violin, jumpstarting her lifelong love for music. This year she is starting her first season as a part of the Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra playing as co-concertmaster. She started playing the French horn in grade 8 and now plays in her school bands as well as the school’s wind ensemble. She is also a part of the intermediate jazz band, playing the trumpet. Watching previous school heads has encouraged her to continue their goal of bringing students together with music. Cindy hopes that with the help of the Music Outreach Society, she can further share her love of music and inspire others to do the same.





Shanna founded the Music Outreach Society in 2009 because she wanted to share the joy and meaningful fulfillment she experienced sharing her love of music with others as a volunteer pianist at various senior homes during her childhood. She is grateful to everyone who supported and is supporting the growth of MOS to bring music into the lives of seniors, marginalized populations in the Downtown Eastside, handicapped children and more to foster connection and community. Shanna hopes that other youth can have the experiences of receiving a hug and request to learn how to play from the children, seeing a smile on the faces of an elderly couple when the band plays a jazz tune, and singing together with the ladies of the downtown eastside women’s centre have inspired because these experiences have inspired in her a lifelong desire to foster relationships with people of all ages and walks of life. Shanna is working hard towards her goal of becoming a healthcare provider to underserved populations while balancing her studies at the University of British Columbia, starting a vision health philanthropy club, volunteering, research, teaching younger students, playwriting, blogging for UBC, healthy living and spending time with the important people in her life. If you’d like to get in contact, email Shanna at musicoutreach@hotmail.com



Jeffrey Leung is a classically-trained pianist who yearns to share his enjoyment of music with others. As a past executive, Jeffrey worked as an assistant organiser and social media coordinator with Music Outreach Society. His responsibilities included correspondence with members during recruitment and events and maintenance of the records of performers and club activities. He is currently studying Computing Science at Simon Fraser University.

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